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Centre for Energy Efficiency (CEE)

The World Institute of Sustainable Energy’s Centre for Energy Efficiency (CEE) is a dedicated and specialized centre, striving towards the advancement of the energy efficiency sector in India. CEE’s objective is our clients to solve complex energy and resource problems in a cost-effective manner. Our clients include a diverse group such utilities, central and state government, and large commercial and industrial end users.

A  Energy Efficiency Consultant,  Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Core Services

  • Policy and Regulation Support at central and state government level
  • Technical Assistance Studies which includes feasibility studies, detailed project reports, financial modelling of energy-efficiency projects
  • Retro-commissioning Studies for industrial and commercial facilities
  • Process & Impact Evaluations for Energy Programs administered by government and private entities to assess the effectiveness of the programs and to suggest improvements for better program delivery
  • Measurement & Verification services for end users along with big data analysis
  • Market Characterization & Baseline Studies for technologies or by sectors
  • Development of Strategic Energy Management Plans for various industrial and commercial entities
  • Program Planning and Implementation which also includes a wide range of services, including program outreach, project development, customer assistance, trade ally network management, and program tracking and reporting
  • Technical Consultants to Program Administrators for under-maned initiatives
  • Building Energy Simulation for commercial and institutional facilities using specialized software such as eQUEST.


    We tailor our methods to individual project/client needs/situations, such as engineering based M&V, site based desk reviews, aggregate billing analysis, on-site verifications, and on-site metering.

    We have expertise and experience to serve as advisors/consultant to investors, project developers, industrial facilities, government and non-government agencies, as well as regulatory authorities, offering end-to-end solutions for energy efficiency projects.