Centre for Training and Conferences (CTC)

The Centre for Training and Conferences (CTC) conceptualizes and organizes various capacity building workshops and training programmes to tackle the serious issue of shortage of skilled human resources for the RE industry. It aims to create trained and efficient professionals capable of achieving high levels of competency, thus leading the RE sector into a new-age energy era. Besides, the Centre also boasts of an exclusive, in-house ‘event management’ team that organizes national and international level conferences and exhibitions on renewable energy in different parts of the country.

A Sustainability Consultant, Climate Change Consultancy

Core Services

  • Conduct training programmes with the objective of honing skills and enhancing knowledge of the renewable energy industry personnel, energy sector professionals, etc., about sustainable energy
  • Organize conferences / seminars / brainstorming sessions that would act as a catalyst in influencing policy decisions and bring about reform in the energy sector, to facilitate growth of renewables
  • Conduct in-house training programmes for WISE personnel so as to enhance capacity building and create core competencies within the institute.