About the Founder Director General

G M Pillai is the Founder Director General, World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE), Pune, India. WISE is an institution committed to the cause of promoting sustainable energy, energy conservation and sustainable development. Mr.Pillai began his career in the Indian Administrative Service in 1976 rising to the rank of Principal Secretary to Government of Maharashtra. He has vast experience of conceiving, planning and implementing development programmes, and policy making for three decades at national and international levels (Senior Advisor with UNDP for more than 4 years). For the past 25 years, Mr Pillai has specialized in sustainable development. Since January 2000, he has devoted his career to pioneering sustainable energy development in India. Prior to joining WISE, he was the Director General of the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Pune, for a period of almost five years. During this period, he pioneered many path-breaking activities in the area of green power development like establishing 400 MW wind power in Maharashtra, implementation of Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), introduction of ‘Green Cess’ on conventional power, to create a Rs 1000 crore fund for development of renewables in Maharashtra, etc. His outstanding work of establishing 400 MW wind power projects in Maharashtra resulted in MEDA receiving the National Award in this field for 4 consecutive years, from 1999-2000 to 2002-2003.

As D.G. of WISE, he was instrumental in drafting a Model Renewable Energy Law for India and successfully articulating its advocacy and final adoption by the Government of India. Under Mr. Pillai’s leadership, WISE has emerged as a unique and pioneering institution in the area of sustainable energy. Mr. Pillai is the recipient of the Business Leadership Award from the Solar Energy Society of India. He is a Member in two important Advisory bodies of the Government of India viz. Wind Power Advisory Group and the Technical Committee on R.E. Law in the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. A well known author and speaker in the area of sustainable energy and sustainable development, he has published many books and articles in national and international journals on the subjects, both in English and Malayalam. He is an invited speaker to major renewable energy conferences in India and abroad. Besides being the Chief Editor of the acclaimed journal ‘Green Energy’, he has conceived and edited four books in English viz. ‘Challenges of Agriculture in the 21st Century’, ‘The New Energy Economy’, ‘Wind Power Development in India’ and ‘A Solar Future for India.