Green Energy Bimonthly Magazine

Green Energy is the only holistic publication on sustainable energy in India. There are many publications in the energy sector, but very few give enough coverage to renewables. Then there are sector-specific publications – for wind power, for solar energy, for energy conservation, etc. But again, no single publication holistically addresses all aspects of this subject. Green Energy thus intends to bridge that gap.

A Sustainability Consultant, Climate Change Consultancy

Green Energy Bimonthly Magazine

The magazine highlights major events, news, policies, views and studies on sustainable energy technologies, sustainable development and energy conservation. Besides disseminating valuable information and creating awareness about renewable energy in particular, Green Energy raises and discusses major issues relevant to the growth of this futuristic sector and aids in its development.

The magazine enjoys a readership of around 1,00,000 individuals and organizations, including those from the government sector, renewable energy developers, manufacturers and investors, policy and decision makers, researchers, academicians, consultants, etc. It has a wide reach all over India (as well as abroad) amongst people and groups from the energy sector.

E-copy of Green Energy: The electronic version of Green Energy developed by the IT section has been eliciting positive feedback from the readers, and this is reflected in the tremendous growth of its subscriber base.

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