Major Initiatives by WISE

  • Policy research and policy advocacy in critical areas like wind power and solar energy, future of coal electricity in India, transition to a sustainable energy system by 2050, etc.
  • Piloting a model Renewable Energy Law for India.
  • Developing a renewable energy pathway for achieving the target of 15% RE by 2020, as specified by the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). The Government of India has officially accepted WISE’s findings for inclusion in the five-year plan targets.
  • Developing state-level action plans for climate mitigation through accelerated deployment of clean energy technologies in many Indian states.
  • Engaging in developing state-level RE policies and capacity building for state RE development agencies.
  • Communication and outreach activities to propagate the need for renewables.
  • Research initiatives to prove the long-term viability of renewables.
  • Training more than 4000 personnel in various spheres of RE development.
  • Providing consultancy to RE manufacturers, developers, and governments.
  • The different Centres in WISE work together in the true tradition of inter-disciplinary learning, team spirit, and knowledge sharing. WISE is the pioneering institution in India to possess such all-round expertise most essential to propel the country towards sustainability in the 21st century.